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Inspiring Women in Motorcycling

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney: Molly Culver specializes in being diverse. You’ve seen her on television – hosting “Biker Build Off,” “Dirt Rider Adventures” and “Ride to Adventure Extreme” – and acting on the shows “Moonlight,” “Heist” and “VIP.” You may have seen her films, “It’s Complicated,” “Contradictions of the Heart,” “The Pack” and “Crusade of Vengeance.” She’s varied in her bikes, too: in addition to her Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, she owns a Ducati 998 to ride at the track and a Kawasaki KX250 to ride in the dirt. For commutes, she has a Suzuki V-Strom.
Her home life is cycle-centric. Molly’s husband Clay Cullen is a stuntman who specializes in motorcycles and watercraft. She says that between them, their “stable” houses “a bunch of different bikes.”
Molly happens to be a beautiful combination of Welsh and Choctaw/Chickasaw American Indian, and her resume includes experience as a former high fashion and print model. She’s proud to blend motorcycle safety with looking great on a bike. She urges women to ride what they want and wear what they like that’s safe – not just what looks cool – there are lots of jackets and helmets that meet both standards. She wants women to ride safe and protected, and follow their own rather instincts than give up their power, the way some women are conditioned to do.

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Molly Culver

Molly is a real motorcycle momma. She loves that their son thinks it’s natural for his mom to ride cycles, because that’s not how Molly grew up.  Her mother was an emergency room nurse, and when teenaged Molly wanted to get a rise out of her mother all she had to do was pop a wheelie on her XL185 in the driveway. She still can’t convince her mother that the feelings of freedom and power are worth what her mom’s seen in the ER, but that’s one of the reasons Molly is such a strong supporter of MSF courses. Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses – and good jackets and helmets – prepare riders with the skills to avert her mother’s fears. For Molly, it’s about enjoying the experience, just riding to ride, not racing or proving supremacy like it seems to be for some men. And she is very close to her mother, even though her mom still wishes Molly had some other kind of fun….
In addition to excellent protective gear, Molly advocates rider safety education programs. She says the more you know about sliding and slipping and handling dangerous surfaces, the better prepared you are if any ever come up. Even seasoned riders can benefit from safety courses; Molly maintains if a course teaches even one small thing or new technique, then it’s made you that much better at the sport.
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