Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Chrome Divas! Sisterhood of women who just love motorcycles.

Chrome Divas are a ladies only motorcycle group, consisting of both riders and passengers and even some non-riding women who just love motorcycles. I haven’t met a Chrome Diva I didn’t’ like and I asked Rochester Chrome Diva Fayne aka “Bugsy” to tell me more about her group.
Feeling her passion thru her words, she shared, ““The Rochester Chrome Divas represent women who love bikes, whether they ride their own, on the back of another’s, or just appreciate motorcycles. Chrome Divas represent women who enjoy being together, having fun, riding with each other and with family members and friends, fundraising for causes, donating to charities, and much more. We represent strong, independent women who enjoy sharing rides, good times, family news, and have a great respect for one another. We are a social riding group, as opposed to an MC, which would have many more obligations than the Chrome Divas do.
The sisterhood of riding is special because it consists of a group of professional women who not only enjoy each other’s company, but who support each other, who are independent, who appreciate each other’s individualism, celebrate each other’s life accomplishments and family joys. Our sisterhood is special because we are made up of women who ride, women who don’t ride, and women from many different towns. We have members who live 45 minutes to the west of our central location as well as women who live 45 minutes to the south and women who live 45 minutes to the east. We all find our way to be together and ride. We experience and enjoy our freedom on the open road together; we share in an enjoyment that only a sisterhood of women can understand. We are all women who have met each other solely through our connection to riding and a desire to ride with a group of women. Riding with men is fine, but when we ride with only women, the experience is completely different, and we all enjoy riding together with women a little more than when we join another group. The camaraderie we share is what keeps us a group and what keeps us planning our next outing be it local or out of town.
There are a number of different bikes owned by the ladies. There are Harleys, Yamahas, V-Stars, and Boulevards to name a few.
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Some of our favorite outings… we have many. We thoroughly enjoy our overnighters. We go in June and in September. We enjoyed the Ithaca Festival (New York) when we were there in June, and loved going a little farther to Ellicottville, New York in the fall. We have also enjoyed going to a psychic together, we just went go-karting and played miniature golf and video games, including one of those where you sit on a motorcycle simulator, very fun. We go as a group as large as 14 to a group as small as We always throw out emails for any ideas to do something and whoever can, goes.
Some advice we would give women riders is, that it is ‘your ride’. You do what you are comfortable with, for instance if everyone is hitting that yellow light but you don’t want to go through, then you don’t. You make it safe for your comfort level. Also, ALWAYS know and use hand signals. Safety is #1, let each other know what turn you’re making, or if there is debris in the road, if you should ride single file due to a busy section. Hand signals are vital, it gives everyone behind you time to react and adjust. Make sure you are seen, for example stay far enough behind the car in front of you so any oncoming cars can see you and don’t think they can make that left turn right after the car in front of you, and in that same vein, ride a bit more to the left (seems counterintuitive I know), but you want to be seen by oncoming cars. Make a lot of movement as well, within your lane, so you are more noticeable. Constantly look in your mirrors, cars can come up suddenly and you won’t always hear them.  Never change lanes without looking over your shoulder first, those blind spots suck!”
Chrome Divas and its chapters are located throughout the US, Canada and Australia.
To find a group in your area please visit:
Ride ON!
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