Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown; Let’s face it—there are few states as beautiful to ride through as California. California motorcyclists get to choose between 1,100 miles of pristine Pacific Coast shoreline, twisting mountain roadways, beautiful canyon paths, and lush wooded roads. It is a virtual paradise for motorcyclists each and every weekend of the year. In addition to the beautiful scenery, motorcyclists can also choose to visit one of the many incredible cities along the way, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento!
If you are considering taking your motorcycle out for a spin this week, why not try one of these three amazing California motorcycle rides!
Death Valley Run – Before you take up this 161 mile ride, you will want to grab a few water bottles. Hardly a thing grows through this arid and breathtaking landscape, but it is truly a sight to behold. Motorcyclists ride through Death Valley State Park and through blonde and reddish brown bounders, rock formations, and desert lands. There is very little shade out there, so be sure you bring lots of water and try not to ride in the heat of the day!
Santa Barbara Ventura County Loop – If riding through the desert is not your thing, this ride is sure to get your motor runnin! This 222 miles loop starts in Ojai and heads through Cuyama through Santa Ynez to Santa Barbara and back. There are beautiful mountains, river gorges, fields of wildflowers, and of course the beautiful Pacific Ocean to take in. In addition to the amazing and awesome scenery, the roads are full of twisty turning parts that make for an incredible ride.
California’s North Coast Ride – A lot is usually said about Southern California and its beautiful scenery, but Northern California is one of motorcycling’s best kept secrets! This ride will take you 243 miles through some of the most beautiful coastlines and awesome redwood groves in the world. The ride starts in Bodega Bay and heads through the Avenue of the Giants to Eureka. Along the way you can grab a bite to eat in Mendocino and stop anywhere along the way to Eureka to wander through the massive Redwood groves.
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