California Motorcycle Runs.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: With gas prices at an all time high, many motorcyclists are putting off plans to make weekend runs and trips, but if you live in California you may be able to make a fun weekend run even if you are on a budget by taking advantage of California State Parks, Beaches and Camping.
Years ago, visiting California State parks, beaches and campgrounds was an attractive and inexpensive way to enjoy a vacation while trying to save some money, but in recent years the cost of enjoying these state resources has become so expensive that they have lost their appeal by those who used to enjoy them.
After doing some research at the California State Parks website (, I found some little known facts that can actually make including them in a weekend or day run fun again.
Every State park has a day access or user fee and additional fees for camping, but if you are a veteran, over 62 or meet other certain requirements those high fees are waived or substantially reduced. This makes utilizing State parks and campground highly attractive in planning a fun get away or weekend run while helping you save money. Of course you are gonna have to spend some money on gas, food and other essentials, but by cutting costs for camping and park access you make your run more affordable.
If you are planning to only take advantage of camping resources, then you will want to make sure you book a reservation to be sure you have a spot saved for you. Many popular State Parks that offer camping are regularly booked as they are almost cheaper than using KOA or other camping sites.
Costs for camping are still lower than most other campgrounds, and offer options for RV’s as well. If you are planning to use a tent, the average cost is around $10 per night, and one camping spot includes up to 8 people. Amenities vary at every campground, but you can find out what each one includes on the State parks website.
I personally like using Google maps to view my routes when planning runs, because with Google maps you can view surrounding attractions, and resources such as gas stations, grocery stores etc, and once you have created a travel itinerary you can save in “My Places” for future review in your smartphone, and if you don’t own a smartphone you can easily print out a simple text version of your itinerary for reference later.
And remember, when hitting the road this summer, regardless of where you are going in the US, make sure to have your BAM card in your wallet.  BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists is a volunteer network of Bikers Helping Bikers® in emergency roadside situations and free legal advice anywhere in the US.
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