Upgrading the Pavement in Minnesota with Theresa!

Motorcycle Lawyer: I love women riders supporting other women riders!
Life is going to throw us curve balls, stress is gonna creep into our life one way or another and riding to me is ‘Therapy’ and one of the best ways I know to deal with my stress. It’s so uncomfortable to experience or observe women being competitive or unwelcoming to one another.
When Theresa mentioned to me, “If it weren’t for seeing other women riders out there setting a good example for me, I probably would never have had the nerve to try it myself. Sometimes we forget how far a small bit of encouragement can go”, I knew that wherever she’s rolling she’s upgrading the pavement!
Here’s more on Theresa.
Name: Theresa Vogel
Location: Dawson, Minnesota
Occupation: I work part-time for a trucking company owned by friends of mine and do whatever odd jobs I can to be able to stay home with my children.
Current ride: A ‘00 HD Wide Glide
When did you start riding and what got you involved in motorcycles? Purchased the bike in ‘09 for my boyfriend who then turned around and used me, running up all of my credit cards, destroying my credit and nearly causing me to have my house foreclosed on. When I finally kicked his ass to the curb, he fully expected me to curl up in ball and die without him. Instead, I’m learning to ride the bike he loved more than me. Soon, I will be able to pass him by and let him know that not only did I survive without him, but I am thriving.
How has riding impacted your life? I love the freedom I feel when on a bike and meeting some really great people I probably would never meet if I didn’t ride. I enjoy the spirit of camaraderie between bikers.
What has been your biggest challenge with riding? The short summer season we have here in Minnesota and finding free time to go out riding. 
What do you like most about your model of motorcycle? It rides and handles beautifully!
What modifications have you made? Added some chrome over the past couple of years but other than that, not much. Would like to lower it a little so it fits me better.
When you’re not riding motorcycles, what are your other interests? My kids! I also like taking care of my home and yard, spending time with great friends and spending as much time as I can with the amazing new man in my life (who is awesome and patient enough to be teaching me to ride!).
What advice do you have for other women riders? If you want to learn to ride, then make it happen! Don’t be too hard on yourself…everyone has a learning curve. Just keep trying and practicing!
How tall are you? 5’3”
What is your weather like year-round? We typically have pretty short summers so you really need to take advantage of the good days when they happen.
How is riding therapy for you? When I am on a bike, either as a rider or a passenger, my worries just melt away and I live in the moment. It’s a fantastic stress reducer!
Well done Theresa! Transforming a bad relationship to an empowering situation is not an easy road. It takes courage, determination and strength which you clearly have and you inspire others as you roll down the road.

Ride On Theresa!

Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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