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I was introduced to BAM, Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists, in 2008 at Thunder Beach in Panama City, Florida.  At first, I was skeptical.  Now, I believe everything the reps advised, and I believe that my information was not sold or given out.  I even advertise it on my North Florida Sportbike Riders Forum.  The BAM card is like the credit card I never leave home without.  Great Service

– Gixxer

I broke down on the way back from Daytona and it was in the middle of the night near Crestview, FL.  My oil line blew, so I pulled off and coasted towards my friend.  We tied our tie down strap to each bike and putted though the darkness as the fog covered us like we were rolling into the twilight zone.  I couldn’t think of anyone to call because we were 1500 miles from home.  Then I remembered I had BAM and wow!  They got in touch with the most wonderful couple in the world who came to our aid like angels.  BIG THANKS TO BAM.  YOU PEOPLE ROCK!

– Greg G.

I wanted to follow up after our phone conversation to reinforce my appreciation for BAM.  On Wednesday the 26th I had the misfortune of an electrical failure on my motorcycle.  In virtually the middle of nowhere (north of Kingman, AZ) one of your people came to assist.  They went well beyond the call of duty by loading my bike on their trailer and taking me to a motel where I could settle in for the night and plan for the next day.  Thanks again to BAM, and even more specifically to Shawn and Deborah, my Good Samaritans!

– Mark R.

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for this organization and its members.  I signed up last year before I really started riding.  Today, seven miles from home, my battery went dead. I was on my own, on a Sunday, a lone female biker.  All my friends had already left on our annual trip to Vegas, and I had no one.  BAM found someone with a trailer who dropped my bike off at my mechanic, and then dropped me at home!  I know I will not hesitate to do what I can when BAM calls me!

– Saphyre R.

Thank you so much BAM!  I am new to riding.  I’ve tried to get certain things so they are auto-matic, but sometimes you realize you forgot to do something important at a very bad time.  This morning, New Year’s Day, I had just passed the last exit for a few miles and the bike starts to sputter!  I tried to turn on the reserve, when I realized I had forgot to switch it to normal the last time I got gas.  I called you, and you were great!  And Ken, who rescued me, thanks for getting up at that hour on New Year’s Day to rescue a newbie.  Thanks to you all I made it home safe and sound.  And would you believe, not one CHP passed me the entire time?  Thanks!

– Cindy V.

BAM, Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists, is a volunteer powered program sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®. These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction of success when calling 1-800-4-BIKERS for free breakdown assistance.