Most California motorcycle riders know the grim facts—motorcyclists are sixteen times more likely to die in a single vehicle crash and three times more likely to be injured compared to the driver of a car, per mile traveled. Multiple vehicle crashes are just as dangerous, and are overwhelmingly caused by another vehicle violating the right-of-way of the motorcyclist. Several studies have been made of motorcycle injuries in an attempt to bring about more awareness of the challenges facing riders every day.

California Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics

Some of the more telling statistics regarding motorcycle injuries suffered by riders in California:

The rider in a motorcycle accident is virtually guaranteed to suffer an injury.

In California, motorcycle rider fatalities as a percentage of total traffic fatalities is growing, and now exceeds 10%.

Around half of all motorcycle fatalities occur as a result of trying to negotiate a curve; more than half involve a collision with a stationary object.

Many California motorcycle crashes attributed to driver error were later found to have contributing causes that exonerated the rider, including equipment failure and a poorly maintained road surface.

Since California’s universal helmet law was enacted in 1992, rider fatalities have declined by over 50%. The number and severity of head injuries per rider has likewise decreased.

All statistics courtesy of the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Fatal Single Vehicle Motorcycle Crashes.

Qualified Legal Help for California Motorcycle Riders

Injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can be devastating in many ways. Pain, suffering, and the possibility of permanent disability are all difficult to endure. Medical care is expensive, ongoing treatment and rehabilitation even more so. On top of expenses are lost wages and benefits, which can quickly accrue and provoke severe financial strain.

Drivers interested in protecting their full legal rights and recovering expenses and lost monies need the services of a qualified and experienced attorney who is familiar with California’s unique motorcycle laws. Time is of the essence… any California rider who has been injured in a motorcycle accident is urged to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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Mercury News, San Jose, CA reported an motorcycle accident that occurred in Watsonville, CA.  A young rider popped the clutch on his motorcycle, locked up the rear tire and crashed amputating one of his fingers.

Two riders, a biker and his passenger were air lifted to a hospital in St. Paul, Minnisota, Monday evening after the motorcycle they were on  hit a deer in the town of Oak Grove.

Another motorcycle accident involving a few people occurred in Minnisota.  A group of 50 to 60 motorcycle riders were driving through the county on a day trip. One or two of the motorcycles in the front started to lose control and other drivers tried to avoid them and lost control, entering the ditch.  Todd James Scott, Independence, was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minn. Also injured were Tyler Trumblee, Hazleton, Minnisota; Roxann Marrah, Independence, Minnisota; Amie Trumblee, Hazleton, MN; Gerold Jordan, Hazleton; Stacy Jordan, Hazleton; Tona Jordan, Jesup, MN, and Nichole Michels, Oelwein Minnisota. They were treated locally, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

And in Austin, Texas; The city of Cedar Park will say goodbye Wednesday to a fallen officer. Officer Leonard Reed was killed while he was training to be a motorcycle officer, when he crashed his bike during a training exercise.  The 2008 Officer of the Year leaves behind a wife and two children.

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