Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident AttorneysWhat a weekend in Los Angeles, California.  If we could get the wind to stop it would be a perfect riding weekend.
Thousands of Los Angeles County, CA, motorcyclists, including Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney, will heading back from the Laughlin River Run in Nevada. For all accounts Laughlin was a successful motorcycle rally with only a couple motorcycle accidents to report and those happened in California.
At Cajon Pass, two motorcyclists were injured when they crashed heading north on Interstate 15 near Highway 138, forcing the closure of three lanes Friday morning. And an LA County woman was injured when she fell of the back of a motorcycle. It is believed motorcyclists in both instances were headed to Laughlin, Nevada.
In the office of Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, we hear about most of the motorcycle accidents that happen in Los Angeles and motorcyclists in LA are having a quiet weekend. That is good news and a little surprising due to the high winds we are experiencing. A few days ago, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s motorcycle deputy was responding to the train crash at 18th and Flower Streets. He lost control of his motorcycle when he hit a pothole on 18th Street under the Interstate 10 Freeway.
If you are out riding this weekend stop by the Rock Store in Agoura/ Malibu. Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Russ Brown, is a fixture at the Rock Store and can be seen there on most Sundays if he is not at a motorcycle rally. The BAM Booth is there for any motorcycle rider looking to get their BAM Benefit Card. This unique card gives you free roadside and legal assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
The BAM Booth is also set up at Cooks Corner in Orange County on the weekend. If you are out riding this weekend in Orange County be sure to stop into Cooks and sign up.
If you find yourself in an unfortunate LA motorcycle accident make sure you have an experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney on your side in the court room. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS and get a LA motorcycle attorney that rides with you.
Ride Safe this weekend!

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