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Motorcycling is a favorite activity of many Californians, however Sacramento motorcycle lawyers are unfortunately kept very busy by the number of accidents that happen around the state capitol. A combination of inattentive motorists and the lesser protection riders have available make for substantial injuries, and even fatalities, every year. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys is a long-established legal firm defending the rights of riders, especially after motorcycle accidents.

Common Motorcycle Accidents in Sacramento

Motorcycle accidents are not identical: we at Russ Brown understand that well, after more than 45 years of working on them. With that said, there are aspects of some accidents that are more common than others. These are among the more common factors in Sacramento accidents involving motorcycles:

  • Unsafe lane changes: Many motorcycle injuries are incurred when drivers don’t look in their blind spots while changing lanes. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and easier to lose in blind spots. Drivers who neglect head-checks to watch for motorcyclists can cause significant harm.
  • Cutting off motorcyclists: A startling one-third of all motorcycle collisions with other vehicles are caused by drivers turning into the motorcyclist’s path. When drivers turn left at intersections, they often neglect to register oncoming motorcycles in the roadway. 
  • Road debris: Potholes, gravel, oil slicks, roadkill, fallen branches or other plant matter, and more: all of this is far harder to navigate on two wheels than on four. All can cause serious crashes.
  • Head-on collisions: In a head-on crash between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, the motorcycle and its rider are invariably going to come off worse. Fatalities from these types of accidents are sadly common.
  • Lane splitting: Motorcycle crashes will sometimes occur when riders slip between two lanes of stopped or crawling traffic. Negligent drivers are slow to notice these riders, and accidents can result. The practice is not well-regarded, but you should still seek legal advice even if you were lane splitting when you crashed.
  • Speeding: Riding over the speed limit is a contributing factor to 34 percent of motorcycle rider fatalities, according to the NHTSA.

Driving under the influence: Over one in four fatal motorbike accidents in 2013 involved drunk motorcycle riders. This is a higher percentage than for passenger car drivers or light truck drivers. 

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Nationally, eighty percent of motorcycle accidents result in substantial injuries. Helmet laws help somewhat in reducing the severity of these injuries, particularly head injuries, but not all states require riders to wear a helmet. Other injuries can include:

  • Broken bones (arms and legs are particularly common breakages in motorcycle crashes)
  • Spinal cord injuries, such as quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Road rash
  • Orthopedic problems, such as torn ligaments
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal injuries
  • Lost limbs

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: FAQs

Q: Will not wearing a helmet at the time of my accident affect my case?

A: Under California law it is required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle as the driver or passenger. If you have a head or neck injury as a result of a motorcycle accident that a helmet would have protected you from, yes, that will affect your case. However, if you sustained other injuries that would not have been ameliorated by your helmet, those elements of your case will not be affected.

Q: My insurance company is offering me money for my totaled motorcycle. Can I turn them down and keep it?

A: Yes, you are entitled to ‘keep salvage’ after a motorcycle crash in which your bike is totaled. The insurance company handling the property damage claim will reduce the payment you are owed based on the value of the salvaged vehicle. Either you or the insurance company must inform the DMV of the motorcycle’s salvage status.

Q: How long does it take to resolve a case of this kind?

A: It can depend on multiple factors, such as the kind and severity of injuries you have sustained as part of your accident, and how long they are taking to stabilize. Other factors can include the cooperation of the insurance company. It is better to wait to ensure that your legal team aren’t overlooking any consequences of the accident that you will require compensation for.

Q: Why should I hire Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys as my Sacramento motorcycle accident attorneys?

A: Our law firm essentially wrote the book on motorcycle law. We’ve all been riding motorcycles since before we were lawyers, so we have that insider knowledge that your average personal injury lawyer lacks. We offer free legal advice, including a case evaluation, and you only need to pay us if we win your case. Did we mention our 98% success rate? Insurance companies know our names and give us grudging respect both for knowing the field inside and out, and for helping our clients claim the compensation they deserve from them. When we take on a client who’s been injured in a motorcycle accident, our goal is to reduce their pain and suffering and make sure they’re in a position where they don’t have to worry about medical bills. That’s why our motto is We Ride, We Care, We Win.

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