Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® have a consistent track record for winning some of the most difficult cases. Our vast experience in the field has yielded the best results with countless top payouts.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® have the experience to successfully battle denial of liability by insurance companies. We are dedicated to exposing any veiled attempts to minimize your injuries or monetary recovery. We are also skilled at dealing with delay tactics and character assassination techniques used by insurance companies to wear you down. Our aggressive approach to the insurance companies’ unreasonable arguments involves specialized knowledge of the law and relentless attention to detail. Time and again, our assertive techniques result in motorcycle accident top payouts. We take special care to investigate all aspects of your case including the possibility of additional coverage. We don’t back down and will always do everything in our power to maximize your claim. We are committed to maximizing your recovery and have delivered some of the largest motorcycle accident payouts.

One Example of Our Motorcycle Accident Top Payouts

We have some of the highest motorcycle accident payouts under our belt, including the case of Janusz Z., which resulted in a $19.4 million payout. After failing to yield at a stop sign, a construction truck broadsided Janusz Z. Hit full on by the large truck, Janusz sustained severe injuries to his feet and ankles, a fractured hip, knee, ribs, and a liver laceration. He was in the hospital for a total of 33 days. The severity of his injuries left Janusz permanently disabled. He was unable to return to work, provide for his family, or live the once active life he had enjoyed before the accident.

An insurance company investigator visited Janusz in the Emergency Room to get a statement while he was heavily medicated. From the outset, the insurance company took an antagonistic stance by implying that the accident was Janusz’ fault. They claimed that he was grossly exaggerating his injuries. They denied all liability. Before he even retained legal counsel, they hired a private investigator. The investigator followed Janusz for 300 days and recorded him in an attempt to prove that he was not truly injured.

We fought tooth and nail to force a timely and fair settlement for our client. Eventually, we had no choice but to go to trial. In the courtroom, the defense counsel painted Janusz as a faker and malingerer. We presented the jury with the best expert witnesses, accident reconstructionist and skilled trial attorneys. Four years after the accident, the jury returned a motorcycle accident top payouts verdict of $19,466,000 for Janusz.

It’s rare to find attorneys who have our 40 plus years of experience in motorcycle injury law and are experienced riders as well. We have a range of testimonials from our former clients and an amazing success rate for motorcycle accident top payouts.

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