Find the Best Accident Attorney After a Motorcycle Collision Due to a Road Hazard

Discussions of the types of motorcycle accidents usually focus on ones involving another vehicle and rarely on a road hazard motorcycle accident. At Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, we know that road hazards present a tremendous challenge to motorcyclists and underscore the reason for constant vigilance on the road.  


Some of the common sources of road hazard motorcycle accidents include: 

Oil or other fluids –

Fluids on the roadway, particularly oil, present a major hazard to riders. That’s because even a slight turn of the handlebars could cause the bike to slip out from underneath you. Some road fluids are caused by cars or rainwater but even in some of those cases, there may be an opportunity to collect the compensation you deserve. 

Uneven roadways –

Due mainly to construction, uneven lanes or roads can create a road hazard motorcycle accident, particularly at high speeds.  

Sand or gravel –

Construction companies and other parties have a responsibility to clean up the messes they make on the road to help prevent a road hazard motorcycle accident. When they don’t, and when there is an accident, Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can help find the responsible party or parties.

Potholes –

In January, 2017, the city of Los Angeles received 90 pothole repair requests per day.  

Most communities have a budget for road and highway repair that includes the filling of potholes as a top priority, but due to budget restraints, pothole repairs are often delayed.  


If you or a loved one has been in a road hazard motorcycle accident, don’t assume that it was your fault or that you are not entitled to compensation because no other vehicle was involved. 


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When you call Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys immediately after your road hazard motorcycle accident, we go to work for you, protecting you from insurance adjusters and others who want to minimize the seriousness of your case, or even claim that you were at fault, even though you weren’t. 


In the event of a road hazard motorcycle accident, it could be months or even years before you fully recover from your injuries. You may even be unfairly blamed or inadequately compensated for your injuries and the damage to your bike. Don’t let that happen! If you are ever involved in a road hazard motorcycle accident, call Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to help you improve your odds.   

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