Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Lawyers Los Angeles: Another Fatality on California’s Angeles Crest Highway

The recently reopened Angeles Crest Highway is quickly gaining notoriety as a killer road. The highway was closed for 16 months following the Station Fire, and now after the fourth fatal solo-vehicle crash in less than 3 months, authorities may want to consider closing it again. In the latest accident, the driver of a car lost control and was killed after the car left the roadway and overturned. You may remember that a Los Angeles motorcyclist was killed shortly after the highway was reopened.
A rash of fatalities in such a compressed span of time suggests that factors beyond the control of drivers may be at play – there may be persistent hazards that resulted from the Station Fire, safety markers might be missing or destroyed, or the roadway could simply be too hazardous at the marked speed limit. Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers are at the forefront of efforts to protect riders and help them recover medically and financially from these accidents.
Insurance companies and local government are usually quick to categorize such motorcycle accidents as driver error, but that is often an incorrect determination based on insufficient investigation. In the event of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident resulting in injury or death, a professional Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can help investigate and ensure that liability is properly placed. Angeles Crest Highway has a checkered history and a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney has the local knowledge & experience needed to aggressively push for an accurate assignment of liability.
Dangerous roadways are hazards that result in injuries to California riders on a daily basis. California bikers need qualified representation to ensure their legal rights are protected. If you have been involved in an accident in Southern California, make sure you have a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney at your side. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® can help you get the financial compensation you are entitled to – we know how to help because we are riders too! To discuss your case and learn more call us today at 1-800-4 BIKERS to schedule a free consultation.

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