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It is difficult to change careers at any time in your life, but imagine making that career move after you’ve just suffered a huge personal loss. That’s exactly what motorcyclist Geoffrey Dunlap did.
In 1997, Dunlap suffered an injury in a motorcycle wreck that caused him to lose his right leg below the knee. Losing a limb triggers a similar grieving process experienced with the loss of a loved one Dunlap told AOL Jobs. “The loss, the feeling of emptiness, denial. Then you get angry, then you feel sorry for yourself, and then finally you gain acceptance of the situation and you gain control of your life.”
Dunlap gained control of his life by deciding to pursue a new career. As a young man, Geoffrey Dunlap had spent his younger years working at a plastics factory in Mexico, MO and was working as a waiter at the time of his accident. At age 35, after having his life altered by a motorcycle accident, Dunlap decided to alter his life once more. The man who had never even attended college was going to pursue a bachelor’s degree in health sciences.
Geoffrey Dunlap now works as an accredited prosthetist at Standard Artificial Limb in Maryland Heights, MO., and nearly half of his clients are veterans. Some are veterans of WWII or Vietnam, but most of them are young men from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Advancements in battlefield medicine and body armor are saving more lives and sending more injured veterans home as amputees. For Dunlap, while it is difficult to see these young people have their lives so dramatically changed, it is especially important to him to show these young clients how they can lead very normal lives.
“Bionic” limbs with computer chips and electrode sensors provide people with far more dexterity than traditional prosthetics. Before these advancements, amputees had to maneuver artificial limbs with cables and harnesses.
Using these modern prosthetics to show his patients how normal their lives can be and helping them to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is his new life’s work. Although he wouldn’t wish his situation on anyone, he is thankful for the opportunity to help other amputees see that great things can still happen for them and help them live their lives to the fullest.

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