motorcycle accident lawyers los angelesMotorcyle Accident Injury Attorneys, Los Angeles: Angeles Crest Reopens and Thrill-Seeking California Motorcyclists Return
Sections of the Angeles Crest Highway have been closed since the 2009 Station Fire, but according to the Los Angeles Times, that is all about to change. Now that the repairs on sections of Angeles Crest Highway have been completed, the famed scenic roadway has finally reopened to the delight of drivers and motorcyclists alike.
Yet although this exciting and winding road—with its sharp curves and steep cliffs—has long been a favorite “run” for bikers, it also has a deadly history as the site of numerous, grizzly California motorcycle accidents. In a parallel news release reported by the Altadena Patch and timed to coincide with the re-opening of Angeles Crest Highway, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has announced the use of special grant money to target enforcement of motorcycle safety along the deadliest stretches of this route, which they have said is one of California’s most dangerous roadways.
Motorcycle Accidents in Lost Angeles: the scenic site of grim accidents
In announcing the enhanced enforcement of motorcycle safety laws along Angeles Crest Highway, the CHP spokespeople noted that 164 motorcycle accidents had occurred on the targeted 38-mile section of the road during the years 2007 and 2008, the latest years for reliable statistics. Of those California motorcycle wrecks which happened on this high-risk highway, 98% were attributed to speed, at least 20% were immediately fatal, and a large percentage resulted in serious injuries with long-term consequences.
Sadly, speeding or distracted driving may be to blame for a fair chunk of these grim statistics. In addition to the usual distractions of cellphones, the winding road combined with narrow lanes and limited passing distances makes this stretch of highway particularly dangerous, and all riders and drivers alike must remain alert, and avoid being unduly distracted by the beautiful vistas.
This scenic roadway should be enjoyed by all, yet not at the expense of motorcyclists says motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles.
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