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Chopper Design Group

I don’t know about you, but I love chrome on my custom Harley Low Rider; the shine in direct light is amassing, but a lot of my riding bros are so old school that before they will spend a dime on shine they make sure their engine and drivetrain is in top notch condition.
Mike Toupin, owner of Chopper Design Group In La Habra California, built my custom Harley, and while he spent a lot of time on the paint, molding, and sheet metal on my new bike, I didn’t want to waste time on a building a super motor, so we went with a 96-inch balanced Evo engine. It has the perfect balance in performance and reliability.
The biggest draw back to running a stroker engine is the over all maintenance; you will have to preform a lot more rebuilds on those big bore monster motors and when you think about it, if all you really want is the perfect custom daily rider, then why waste time and money just to look cool?
Dirty Dave at Chrome Haus in Santa Fe Springs did all of my chrome and Mikey from Platinum Air Suspension hooked me up with a custom air ride system. The build took roughly 2 months and then another 4 days after that getting the ride height set, final wiring tucked and covered and getting the engine dyno’d and tuned.
I spent more money on my custom green pearl paint and framework to get that low, wide and fat look of an old school beach cruiser. Mike even found me a set of sexy old school looking handlebars to finish the beach cruiser look.
So I had my first custom Harley built from the ground up, and with some help from my bros with parts and labor for balancing, most of the chrome and the Mikuni carb, I had actually spent a little over $7,000.00 on the bike and made 2 runs on it, one to Las Vegas to hang out with an old bro and his bros and then to a tattoo show in San Francisco, California.
While at the tattoo show in San Francisco, CA, this guy came right up to me and said “I want to buy your bike now!” Hell I had just got it running and it had less than 3000 miles on it, but before I could say anything Mike Toupin the builder of the bike jumped right in and said “I built this bike and if you want it we won’t take anything less than $35,000.00 for it!” This guy didn’t even hesitate, he opened his wallet gave me a $1,000.00 and he and mike went to the bank to close the deal.
So now it was a win win situation for me, Mike and my bros who all pitched in and helped me build my own first bike. My new bike is still in the works, but I still have my dad’s old 1965 Panhead, which is defiantly cooler than most of the new custom bikes I see out on the road!
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