Don’t Deal With Insurance Adjusters Alone After a Motorcycle AccidentAfter being involved in a motorcycle accident the last thing you should have to deal with or worry about is being pressured by insurance company claims adjusters, when what you need the most is time to rest and recover from your accident injuries. Insurance adjusters are the front line for insurance companies and it is their job to gather information about your motorcycle accident to aid their case and either deny or undervalue the extent of your accident in an effort to minimize their financial exposure and responsibility.
There are a lot of things that come into play when dealing with the at fault party’s insurance company and claims adjuster. Anything that can be used to refute the total extent of your injuries will be used as leverage to gain an upper hand in forcing you to take a settlement offer that is far less than fair.
You shouldn’t have to make these kinds of legal and financial decisions on your own. Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is your best defense against these underhanded and sneaky tactics, because a motorcycle lawyer knows the laws as they pertain to personal injuries and how the dynamics of motorcycle accidents affect their victims.
An insurance adjuster may also infer that you are never going to get a better settlement than the one currently offered, and if you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer you will have a hard time getting your settlement at all. Don’t be fooled by what anyone says about the likelihood of settling your case, or its value other than a licensed personal injury lawyer.
While people who work within the personal injury industry may have knowledge or insights to insurance claims or the legal process surrounding a motorcycle accident, they are not lawyers and any so called “expert” opinions they may express, are nonetheless only that and the only opinion you should ever trust is from a personal injury lawyer!
Fear and the uncertainty of wondering how you are going to pay your medical expenses and take care of your financial needs will only cause stress and inhibit your recovery, and most of all cloud your judgment. You should not make any decisions until you have spoken with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Understating your rights, the value of your case and how you should proceed is only a phone call away in most cases, and if you are seriously injured and can’t make to an office consultation, many lawyers will come visit you in the hospital.

Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who will explain your rights as a motorcycle accident victim, and help you get the settlement you deserve to take care of your medical bills, get your motorcycle fixed, and cash for your pain and suffering.

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