Los Angeles Orange County Motorcycle Accident AttorneysMotorcycle Splits in Two after Solo Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident
According to the Orange County Register, a Los Angeles biker was involved in a solo motorcycle accident in Anaheim after he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into ice plants on the side of the road. According to the biker’s report, he rode through a puddle on Hwy 57, lost control of his motorcycle, and crashed into both a sign post and the ice plants. While, the Los Angeles motorcyclist was miraculously uninjured in the accident, his motorcycle was split into two pieces.
Slippery Surfaces Prove Dangerous for Orange County and L.A. Motorcyclists
While this L.A. biker was luckily uninjured, the vast majority of motorcyclists who encounter slippery road surfaces are not as lucky. Slippery surfaces are especially dangerous when encountered in heavy traffic or in curves or turns in the road. Sadly, many of the road hazards we encounter as we ride through LA and Orange County are due to the negligence of others. Dump trucks or pick-up trucks can inadvertently spill loose gravel, sand, or other debris if their flat beds are not secured properly. Loose gravel or sand spilled from a dump truck on the road may spell disaster for a motorcyclist trying to negotiate the curve too quickly.
Tips for recognizing and riding over slippery surfaces
The following tips gathered from experienced riders can help bikers recognize and safely ride over or around slippery surfaces:
Railroad tracks and other metal surfaces—always cross railroad tracks or other metal at a 90-degree (straight on) angle; never cross parallel to the metal. The more contact the motorcycle’s tires have with a slick metal surface, the less stable the bike will be. In particular, watch out for metal manhole covers, since they tend to be located in intersections and other turning places.
Fast-food, banks, toll booths, or other drive-through windows—the waiting lanes at such places tend to accumulate a combination of oil and grease that has dripped from waiting vehicles. When water is added, such as from rain or condensation dripping from air conditioners, the mix is very slick. Put down both feet when waiting in such lanes.
Mud or wet vegetation such as leaves and grass—these surfaces can be very slick, especially for motorcycles with street tires instead of off-road tires.
Loose gravel or sand—this well-known hazard should be expected in every curve on rural roads, since gravel is often used to cover secondary roads leading from farms and rural homes to the main road. When gravel is spilled or carried from the graveled areas onto the paved road surface, it tends to roll like “marbles” and can be extremely hazardous.
Orange County & Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys on Your Side
Unfortunately, even the best rider can fall victim to road debris or a slippery surface. When this occurs, you need an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer on your side.
If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Long Beach, Anaheim, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, or anywhere in Los Angeles County, a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer can help you choose the legal pathway that is best for you. Call our motorcycle lawyers at 1-800-4-BIKERS today! WE RIDE—WE CARE—WE WIN.

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