Motorcycle Safety Means Being Perpared In Wet WeatherSadly my friends those perfect sunny days are fading, and old man winter is creeping closer each day, but that shouldn’t stop a seasoned road warrior and make him start cruising the power wagon! But if you are not as seasoned as you would like to be then take heed to mother nature and get yourself some good wet weather motorcycle gear.
If you’re new to riding a motorcycle, learn to think ahead of mother nature. Check the forecast before riding. Yes, this is fairly easy to do in States like California due to predictable weather but in States where weather can change from minute to minute, like Pennsylvania, try to be prepared for it. If crazy weather is in the forecast then keep your motorcycle parked.
If you find yourself riding into some unpredictable weather you didn’t plan on try to remember the following…

A full face helmet offers the greatest protection, not only in terms of a motorcycle crash, but as well, in terms of protection from wind, rain and cold. Even so, if you have a full face helmets with built-in vents, one thing to remember is to close the vents before it rains. Otherwise, by the time the water starts seeping into your hair, it’s too late.
If you ride with an open face helmet, instead of a full face helmet, then of course you’ll want to ensure you have a helmet visor handy to keep the rain off your face.
A half helmet offers the least protection in a crash, and offers the least protection from the rain. Hopefully, if you are caught in the rain with a half helmet, you’ve at least got a good pair of goggles to keep the rain out of your eyes.

  • Take short breaks often – being fatigued wont help the current conditions.
  • Take your time on the road – speeding up to get through it may get you into an accident.
  • Check into a hotel – traveling at night is challenging enough.
  • Smooth control is best for rough weather conditions – no sharp and risky turns.
  • Driving slower will allow you to avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Watch out for additional obstacles!
Rain can hide bad road conditions so be extra aware.
When putting tires on your motorcycle make sure to ask if they are good for rainy conditions – some long lasting tires are not the best for extreme temperatures even though the price may be attractive.
Above all always think, think, think when you are riding in wet or otherwise foul weather, take your time and be extra cautious, because the life you are protecting is yours!
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