Nicole Andrijauskas is a painter, motorcycle rider, and artist out of the Bay Area of California. Nicole is one of the featured artists in the 2021 rendition of the Maiden Moto Art Show, an all female art show that travels the country and takes place at some of the best motorcycle events and rallies of the year. 


Nicole does a little bit of everything but is gaining major traction in the motorcycle scene by painting custom helmets and motorcycle tanks. Her art transcends styles, with soft flowers and bold linework often being put together in single pieces.



She’s also an avid rider, putting down the miles on her Harley-Davidson Sportster, with, of course, a killer custom paint job. And more recently, hitting the dirt on her CRF230! 

We chatted with Nicole about her art, her life, and what’s next for her!


What type of art do you do?

I paint helmets and tanks using both surreal and graphic elements, usually involving nature and flash-like imagery.


What made you want to be a part of the Maiden Moto art show?

I love seeing a woman in this community make something out of nothing and then kill it. A woman-run show supported by corporate sponsors is what we need to see more of. It not only supports other women artists and entrepreneurs but also announces our presence to the rest of the moto community. 


Photo by Phil Tang @fillamus


What’s your favorite type of art to do?

I love to paint murals…the bigger the better.


Where are you from?

I’m a military brat! Germany, Florida, Vegas, Ohio, California,, Portland, San Diego, Bay Area.


Photo by Lana MacNaughton @fevvvvaa



Do you ride? Or ride as a passenger?

I’ve been riding for 18 years, but I don’t mind being a passenger if it’s with someone I trust.


What do you ride?

Currently, a Sportster Iron 1200, and a CRF 230 on the dirt.


Where is your favorite place to travel to or ride?

Anywhere in California.


What doors have opened for you since you started doing moto art?

I’ve gotten to travel to participate in events, many times on my bike, carrying paints & brushes. I always meet new people there and my work is exposed to more eyes. It’s always so exciting to travel to a place I’ve never been to or get commissioned to paint someone’s helmet that saw a place in a show.


Do you get a lot of requests for custom work?

I do! I don’t often say no, but when I do, it’s usually because I get a request for something very graphic and I don’t make flat, straight lines very well.


Who is your favorite female, other than yourself, doing motorcycle art? 

Jet Bailey, @stokeandbear


What’s next for you?

More commissions and new textile art influenced by motorcycles for the company, Revant.


You can find Nicole on Instagram at @chicken_in_a_biscuit and online at


You can find more about Maiden Moto Art Show and its locations for the year at @maidenmotoartshow and


Photo by Phil Tang @fillamus


Photo by Lana MacNaughton @fevvvvaa


Written by Savannah Rose @themouseandthemoto

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