Riding a motorcycle is a exhilarating experience, and until you have actually been on a few serious runs or road trips it is really hard to describe the feeling of being in the wind beyond the confines of an automobile, but even though many bikers love to push the envelope of riding and get a bit aggressive, there is absolutely no valid reason or excuse to becoming reckless when there are the lives of yourself and others at risk.
It is no wonder that many people consider motorcyclists insane when they see riders like the one in the video accompanying this article; and while the riders meaningless record of pure insanity and reckless behavior is not the kind of thing that the majority of bikers engage in, it nonetheless is the kind of thing that gets all of us branded as highway menaces!
Safe riding should be the top concern of every motorcyclist, and even those who have logged thousands of miles in the saddle will tell you that just because you think you have it under control when you’re on the road you never know when it will take all of your riding skills and experience to overcome or avoid an accident!
Beginners seem to be, for whatever reason, the most aggressive of drivers. Motorcycle riding is a process of coordination and quick reflexes that help you see quickly and respond quickly to the road conditions. Skills new motorcyclists have yet to develop. Riders with years of experience, perhaps its comfort after years of riding, have these quick instincts.
Most motorcycle accidents happen in slower traffic (city streets etc). Studies have shown that motorcyclists who wear helmets are at less risk of a head or neck injury in these types of accidents. Therefore, even if you are just running out to the corner store or a local hot spot – this is when most accidents occur.
Safety instead of fashion!
Good motorcycle gear is much more important than looking good – fortunately for us riders there are some great options out there for great protection and still being fashionable.
And of course Don’t Drink and Drive! Drinking slows down your response time and when you are the one on the road that is less visible to other drivers, you need to be the most alert.
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