The Deadly Trifecta

Three key factors often contribute to the high rate of motorcycle collisions during the spring months. Read on to learn how to identify and avoid these crucial spring mistakes:

Shaking off the Rust

After months of keeping your bike tucked away safe and sound from the winter weather, your bike skills haven’t 100% returned. It is completely normal to feel a little rusty the first month your back on the road with your bike. Until you feel your skills have completely returned, take it easy to avoid the unthinkable.

But when we say ‘shaking off the rust,’ we aren’t just talking about your driving skills!

Countless drivers operating cars, trucks, SUVs and so on need to refresh themselves on the proper safety when driving behind, in front of, beside or passing a motorcycle. Although many quickly adapt to seeing a bike on the road, there are a few that remain extremely reckless when bikes first return to the streets. This is the most crucial time to practice defensive driving. It could save your life!

Unpredictable Weather

April showers bring May flowers and a whole lot of accidents. Unpredictable weather is often nearly impossible to avoid and strikes when you least expect it. High winds can pick up at the drop of the hat, making it difficult to control your bike. When bad weather occurs, simply get to the nearest exit and wait for things to calm down.

It’s also extremely important to check the weather forecast before taking your bike out for the day. This can help you avoid a costly mistake and a terrifying experience.

Heavier Traffic

While there are many contributions to why traffic is so heavy each spring, it can mostly be summed up by one reason: the glorious weather. After months of being out of town escaping the snow, thousands have returned from their winter homes. Thousands of others are just as excited to emerge from their winter camp out and get back to living life outdoors. As more people venture out of their homes and outside, traffic is bound to pick up.

Because they are on the roads more, they’re also driving much more frequently than most were during the winter months. It’s best to go slow until everyone has fully adjusted to the high amount of traffic that can be found out on the open road.

Stay Safe by Following These 3 Tips

Slow Down

Driving even a few notches under the speed limit is a decision that may save your life. Slowing down provides an extra bit of space between you and the drivers ahead. It also makes it much easier for you to remain in control of your bike if the unspeakable should happen. Live life in the slow lane until you feel completely confident your skills are up to par and the rust is gone!

Look Ahead

Human beings are often guilty of having tunnel vision. This happens many different times during our lives, but the most dangerous place for tunnel vision to occur is on the road behind the handlebars of a bike. When you focus only on what is immediately ahead, it makes it nearly impossible for you to react to an accident, which almost always happens one or two vehicles ahead of you. Keeping your eyes on the entire road and not just the few feet in front of you is a great way to ensure your safety.

Pay Attention

It might seem obvious, but paying attention is often overlooked by everyone on the road at some point during their driving history. Set your radio station before you head out on the open road, be sure to never ride when you’re feeling tired or groggy and always make sure your focus is on one thing – the freeway. To stay safe, going above and beyond to ensure the road has your complete attention is not only beneficial, but it’s also a necessity.

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