The Anatomy of a Motorcycle LawyerAnyone who has never been injured in a motorcycle accident probably wouldn’t know what it is a motorcycle lawyer actually does, and the important role they play in helping people who have become the victim of a vehicle accident. The reason people actually become lawyers is because they love the law and what it represents in society; the satisfaction in knowing you have helped to make a difference in the lives of others while up holding the laws and regulation in our country creates meaning and usefulness for lawyers and especially those who practice personal injury law.
Motorcycle accidents are far different than other vehicle accidents because the vast majority of motorcyclists involved in an accident are the victims who were hit by another vehicle, and even at low speeds the motorcyclist many times suffers serious injuries, and understanding the unique dynamics of a motorcycle accident and how they apply to the injuries sustained after being hit by a car or truck is far more complex than any other type of motor vehicle accident.
Your motorcycle accident lawyer is your advocate throughout the legal process of protecting your rights while recovering compensation for medical bills, damages to your motorcycle, and the pain and suffering endured, and while many people think that it isn’t necessary to hire a motorcycle lawyer to defend your rights when you were not at fault, the reality is because each and every motorcycle accident is unique, not having an experienced accident lawyer representing your case can actually jeopardize receiving a fair and adequate cash settlement even if you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident.
Your motorcycle accident injury claim starts with your motorcycle lawyer gathering evidence, police reports from the accident scene and injuries. Police reports can be helpful to the motorcycle accident victim, but are not evidence. Police officers are not eyewitnesses and therefore all of their conclusions are based upon witness testimony and physical evidence present after the accident.
Your lawyer will always conduct their own investigation of your accident to develop a full understanding of what took place during the accident, as well as to create a detailed picture of the accident events to present to the insurance claims adjuster. Having a true and factual account of what took place and what witnesses reported can easily turn a messy and complicated motorcycle accident case into clear and undeniable representation of your case and how you were not at fault.
Dealing with insurance adjusters and the companies they work for is oftentimes the most difficult part of representing a motorcycle accident victim, because insurance companies are in the business of making money, and they always want to settle for the least amount of money possible to maintain their shareholders profits.
When faced with a court trial knowing their insured was at fault they understand the risk in losing far more money and your motorcycle accident lawyer will reinforce this fact when settling your case on terms favorable to you!
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