Twin Lakes Resort – a chunk of land in between 2 lakes in the middle of Oregon. Just an hours ride from Crater Lake, Twin Lakes Resort has a couple cabins, a couple campgrounds and enough room to let 600 women on motorcycles roam free for a weekend of Dream Rollin’. This venue is the first new venue for Dream Roll. After 3 years at Mount Adams in Washington, Dream Roll switched it up to provide more amenities and create a new spot for women to explore, ride and rip it up.

At registration, every woman received a piece of Russ Brown ‘swag’. Some of which included karabiners, kickstand supporters, stickers and more.
The campsite waterfront – Women’s Moto Exhibit Photo

Every year, Dream Roll offers a lead ride from a local shop out to the event. This year, it was hosted from Spoken Moto in Bend. 80 ladies showed up and rode in a group along highway 97 through the Lava Fields, past a couple lakes, and deep through the woods out to Twin Lake Resort – where there’s no cell phone service and nothing to do but ride, get wild, and meet your fellow lady rider.

Dream Roll Rolls Into Twin Lakes Resort – Women’s Moto Exhibit Photo

Women were excited to attend the new venue for Dream Roll 2018, there was more going on than ever. On Saturday, you could choose from a list of activities that included:

  • Fly fishing workshops
  • A group ride to Crater Lake
  • A dirt bike workshop at a local OHV
  • A wheelie workshop hosted by Red Bull rider, Tarah Gieger
  • A massage by a professional massager
  • Tattoos by 5 different big-name artists
  • Stand Up paddle board rentals
  • Kayak rentals
  • Skateboard lessons
  • And more!
A Group of Friends That Just Arrived At The Dream Roll – Women’s Moto Exhibit Photo

The event also offered food, a fully functioning bar, a place to get your boots resoled and a full mechanic set up by a local motorcycle shop.
After the ladies were done ripping around for the day, the infamous Dream Roll Biker Games commenced… This year, faced with some spacing issues, the ladies experienced a bit different style of games – for the better. Instead of the slow race, we kicked things off with the “Loud Pipes Contest.” It was the stupidest, and best idea ever. 20 ladies lined up and revved their engines as the crowd judged by cheering. Prizes were given away to crowd favorites and the game ended with all contestants revving obnoxiously together in the best way ever. After that, the next 2 games involved eggs. You can only imagine how messy it all got and women were more than willing to get their hands dirty. We had big Harleys competing, small mini bikes and even a bicycle. Two wheels forever!

Mini Bikes Galore! Women’s Moto Exhibit Photo

The parties were wild as ever. Of course, the DJ played late into the night and ladies got crazy. There was fire blowing happening, a couple ladies in banana suits, a woman in a blow-up dinosaur suit, a full-blown mini bike race and of course – glow sticks galore. Dream Roll is a place where ladies push themselves to the limits, riding all day, riding throughout the event, and spending most of their night dancing. Sleeping is pretty low on the priority list during a DR weekend, but when it does, it happens in 1 of 3 waterfront campgrounds surrounding the event site. All 3 campgrounds overflowed with women and their bikes, tents, RVs, dirt bike trailers and haulers. The campgrounds are just as crazy as the “Dream Roll Main Strip.” There’s mini bikes ripping around, sleeping contraptions hanging amongst the trees, bonfires and flags showing bike group names.

The Dream Roll Parking lot – Women’s Moto Exhibit Photo

Dream Roll is a pretty special place. It welcomes every type of women, every ethnicity, every style bike, every age, and every shape and size. At the event, it feels like a sisterhood – a summer camp for every women who rides, skateboards, fishes, dirt bikes, hikes, or just loves to try something new. There’s a vibe that can’t be explained unless you attend. Next year, Dream Roll is set to be at the same resort around the same time. Stay tuned through the website: or the Instagram: @thedreamroll

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