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Motorcycle Rally season about to start!

I recently came across an article written by Roger Simon, a Los Angeles Times writer. In his article he declares over and over again how “stupid” motorcyclists are to even consider not wearing a helmet, and furthermore that standing up and defending the freedom to choose is just as he put it, ignorant.
There are many views on the subject of mandatory helmet laws and while many old school and seasoned motorcyclists do agree that wearing a helmet is a step towards greater safety while riding a motorcycle, there are many other issues surrounding this ongoing battle for personal freedom and the right to choose.
For as long as I have ridden a motorcycle I have been aware of the strong bias against motorcyclists and the motorcycle culture. If you ride then you know what I mean; in areas with heavy motorcycle traffic, especially at rallies and events you will see police targeting motorcyclists while car are recklessly speeding and still the police will pull over a biker even if he isn’t doing anything wrong.
Does all of the targeting and profiling used by the police have something to do with those old 1960’s outlaw biker movies or because a few individuals involved in crime have made it hard for the rest of us, or is it just plain and simple hatred of what the motorcycle lifestyle means to the police and those who share the same sediments?
During California’s drive to make helmets mandatory. There were questions as to why convertible cars were not outlawed or their drivers made to wear helmet. While these questions were never officially addressed, you can be sure of one thing, the automakers in this country have a greater influence in Washington than all of the motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.
No matter what you think on the subject one thing is certain, while there are laws that require helmets while riding a motorcycle, the only responsible and lawful thing to do is to respect the laws and wear your helmet (in applicable States) until such time the laws have been changed.
As motorcyclists the one thing we share over any other culture or class of people is our ability to stand together and do the right thing no matter what others may or may not think about us as a whole. Bikers share a closeness that can never be matched by any other group or class and while we collectively bear the true cost of motorcycle freedom whenever we ride, it is the freedom we experience when we ride that fuels to keep on truckin!
Rally season is just around the corner which means millions of motorcyclists will be hitting the road.  Bikers Rights Online has helmet laws listed by State but always check to make sure before traveling across various States. Be sure to know the current law, carry your BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance with you and remember if you go down you call Russ Brown – Motorcycle Lawyer for the community for over thirty years.

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