Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Are you doing it to rack up notches on your belt, or for the sheer pleasure of doing it?    Marilyn Stemp isn’t particular, and she doesn’t care what motivates you. She just wants you to ride your motorcycle as much as you can. She’s glad to see riders who rack up miles like video game scores, logging as many miles as they can on annual cross-country trips and every short weekend run they can squeeze in. She loves seeing riders commuting to work by motorcycle, using their bikes as an answer to high fuel prices and helping the planet by leaving smaller carbon footprints. Racking up high mileage is just the lovely side effect of riding whenever and wherever you can. North Carolina, where she’s based, offers lots more days and nights of good weather and clear skies than many other places. Her answer to that? “Just get good gear, and go.” Marilyn just wants everybody on their bikes as much and as long and as far as possible — and the goal is to enjoy the experience every minute you’re doing it.
She knows her cycles, and she knows the hard work it takes to get out the good news to others. Marilyn Stemp is the heart of Ironworks Magazine; that’s the publication she and her late husband Dennis launched in 1989. It was a perfect marriage, the blend of his creative artistry and passion for motorcycles and her journalism and passion for organization. Though he has passed on, Marilyn is Editor-In-Chief of IronWorks Magazine. It’s still her platform for writing and photography, about an industry she calls endlessly innovative and full of people she loves. Her journalism degree is from Pennsylvania State University, and you’ll find her byline and photographer credits all through IronWorks.
Bringing a love of motorcycles to the next generation isn’t just her journalistic aim, it’s her personal mission – and she’s accomplished it. Late last year, Marilyn’s son Vincent joined the IronWorks magazine staff as the Tech & Trends Editor. It’s an accomplishment that would have made Dennis Stemp doubly proud.
You just have to get out and ride. That’s Marilyn Stemp’s perspective on motorcycling. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how far you’ve gone, you just have to get out and ride. And that’s exactly what the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Biker Belles ride is all about. A full day of Real Women, Real Stories and Real Fun dedicated to women and the passion for motorcycling, the Biker Belles ride and charity event will take place during the Sturgis Rally on Wednesday, August 8th, with many inspiring stories and memorable events. In order to preserve women’s history in motorcycling as well as to empower the future of women, young and old alike, 100% of rider’s contributions will be donated directly to charities that support this. To find out more and to join our celebration, visit or call 605-347-9000.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are looking forward to the Biker Belle’s Ride 2012. Hope to see many of our fellow riders there. Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – We Ride We Care We Win.

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