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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® have been fighting for motorcyclists’ rights for decades. We are experts in motorcycle accidents and have carefully chosen local, independent counsel across the country to help guide your claim with free legal advice, even if you do not need an attorney. This can maximize your recovery. If you want justice and compensation for your injury, pain and suffering, call today for your free consultation.

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Your Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, we have been fighting for the rights of motorcycle accident victims for over 35 years. If you are in need of a Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer you can trust one of our highly skilled local Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys. Our lawyers are held to high standards, results-driven and chosen both for their legal ability and their dedication to the riding community.  They can help you maximize your recovery for pain and suffering, lost wages, and motorcycle repairs.

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Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown founded Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® because of his passion for two wheels, and in order to cater exclusively to riders and motorcycle enthusiasts’ needs. Since then he has selectively added only the best, specialized personal injury lawyers with a proven track record and shared goal for fighting for motorcyclists’ rights. Don’t trust your case to just any personal injury attorney—as a rider you need the skillfully honed care and knowledge that only another fellow rider can give.  Call us for free advice– we can help you!

Chuck Koro and Jim Romag have hand-picked motorcycle personal injury lawyers that know the full spectrum of Colorado motorcycle law. Experience matters, specifically in the motorcycle accident law niche. Don’t trust your claim to anyone but a qualified motorcycle lawyer who will help you recover the settlement you deserve. We are available to assist you 24/7, contact us today by calling 1-800-4-BIKERS. Our motorcycle attorneys’ knowledge and skill in handling thousands of motorcycle accident claims surpasses that of most other personal injury attorneys out there.

Colorado is the ultimate destination for motorcyclists and offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, desert canyons, and plentiful wildlife. Colorado motorcyclists plan lengthy rides to popular destinations like the Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa. In addition, Colorado boasts some amazing weather for motorcyclists—especially in the spring and summer months. Thousands of motorcyclists come to Colorado each year and many more call the state their home. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® always encourages riders to make motorcycle safety a top priority on these excursions and offers tips to prevent roadside surprises and avoidable accidents.

With well over 100,000 registered motorcycles and scooters on Colorado streets, our motorcycle accident attorneys have seen all manner of motorcycle-related injury claims. When you consult with Russ Brown’s attorneys, they will map out a plan for your recovery and make certain you understand the process for your claim, and the motorcycle case law that pertains to it.  You will be informed and educated throughout the course of your case and a plan mapped out for your physical and financial recovery. Trust your questions and your case to us—we have the highest level of experience helping riders recover the maximum amount possible for lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage.

It is never too soon to seek the help of an accident lawyer but it can be too late. Go straight to the top of the food chain of motorcycle injury lawyers—call Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®!

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