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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® have been fighting for motorcyclists’ rights for decades. We are experts in motorcycle accidents and have carefully chosen local, independent counsel across the country to help guide your claim with free legal advice, even if you do not need an attorney. This can maximize your recovery. If you want justice and compensation for your injury, pain and suffering, call today for your free consultation.

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Your massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

How do you find the best Massachusetts motorcycle attorney…someone who really knows motorcycle law and will fight hard to successfully negotiate a fair settlement for your motorcycle accident? Someone who’ll go to the mat and litigate if the insurance company won’t budge? And help you recover for lost wages, pain and suffering, repairs? Trust Russ Brown’s tried and true BAM program, which is composed of real riders and collaborative motorcycle law firms who are experts in the field. Since 1975 Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® have been protecting your rights, keeping riders safe on the road with free breakdown assistance, and helping injured motorcyclists across the nation.

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Massachusetts is home to a whopping 143,000 registered bikes in its 8262 square miles and its riders, like most New Englanders, are practical, resourceful and fiercely independent.  Clubs and organizations that promote our love of two wheels get our attention, but most of us do the bulk of our riding alone or with a few close buddies.  Because of that fact, a significant number of riding enthusiasts in the Bay State belong to BAM, Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists, which provides a FREE emergency roadside helpline connecting 2,000,000 volunteer riders.  Whether you need a short tow or another set of hands or simply a safe place to store your bike for a few days, BAM can help.  Call 1-800-4BIKERS or sign up online, your information is never shared unless at your request and then only to facilitate a free breakdown service.

We love Massachusetts’ lush foliage and quiet beauty as you roll through small towns and past historic landmarks…the sweeping views and grandeur of the Mohawk Trail…all the orchards and farms that pepper the landscape.  The rides along the Capes, absent the traffic, are full of sandy beaches, windswept bluffs and quaint coastal towns.  Motorcyclists in MA, a relatively small chunk of the U.S., are treated to an extraordinary plate of routinely beautiful countryside no matter what direction you take. A motorcycle ride map of MA looks like a crayon-wielding child went nuts, lucky us. So bikers here make full use of every bit of good weather that Mother Nature tosses our way and pray for weekend sun.

Russ Brown and Chuck Koro choose the best legal minds in the business.  Your BAM attorney will be knowledgeable in biker law and with the help of our brain tank, often able and willing to take cases that other lawyers have turned down. We are used to the hard fight and have seen and beat the odds before. Trust Russ, Chuck, and the rest of their professional motorcycle accident lawyer team to help you win your case.  Please call 1-800-4-BIKERS for free advice and talk to our experts today.

Our top notch Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer in your area is a motorcycle injury attorney chosen by merit and skill—both dedicated to our community and with a proven track record of superior results.  Fellow riders Russ Brown and Chuck Koro (a Boston native) pour many resources into keeping this program responsive to individual riders’ needs. Only a very select few of the most versatile, experienced and hardworking are chosen to be a BAM motorcycle accident attorney– we are NOT some paid listing service. Don’t put your case in the hands of just any personal injury attorney; specialized knowledge of motorcycle accidents can make or break your case.  Call us at 1-800-4BIKERS for free advice, We Ride – We Care – We WIN.

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